Tilda is a no-code website builder helping designers and marketers to create online stores, landing pages, blogs, portfolios and any other websites. Tilda is a website design and builder platform with templates and no-code infrastructure to help anyone to create beautifully designed websites that quickly load. Using Tilda, you can easily create beautiful websites without writing code with easy-to-use pre-designed blocks and templates. You can build a new website, e-commerce, static page or blog with the intuitive website builder. Tilda's templates and blocks are designed and updated regularly to keep up with the modern design world and the platform is suitable to use for any type of content. From covers to various typographies, photo galleries to background stock videos, you can create highly customizable websites and pages in a flexible way. The website built with Tilda comes as responsive and there is no requirement to design for different screens or devices. Moreover, for online shops and e-commerce websites, Tilda offers a wide integration to take payments via Paypal or Stripe and you can integrate your CRM using your email and Google Drive, or similar products.

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