Algolia is AI-powered Search-as-a-Service platform that helps companies to fast and relevant digital experiences driving results and conversion. Algolia is an advanced search platform with API support. With Algolia, websites or apps can easily provide users with fast, accurate and relevant search results.

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Our Honest Review of Algolia

Algolia supports companies of all sizes such as e-commerce, media, and SaaS to generate fast, powerful and relevant search results. With Algolia, it is possible to provide your customers and users with search results that lead to the right result.

With Algolia, your users can easily reach the right result even if they make a typo or minor mistakes in the search results. The search works very fast and you can get results immediately - even if it is running in the large database. Within milliseconds, your users can reach relevant results. Algolia provides much better results compared to Mysql query-based searches.

One of the best features of Algolio is that it learns based on search and behaviour over time and provides more relevant results to users each time. Algolia can offer synonymous and re-ranking results but that comes with some add-ons pricing.

When it comes to Algolia's cons, it can be easy to integrate Algolia with your search data, but creating a true search experience might require some technical knowledge. Because different variables for optimizing search results can be confusing sometimes. Although it is said that easy integration is provided for WordPress, we do not think that we have had an easy process as a non-technical team.

As for the price, Algolia offers a good start for small businesses, blogs, and it's free. You can install up to 10 units (1 unit = 1000 search) for free. However, when we look at the price in general, it seemed a little high.

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