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A business is built on a few fundamental pillars such as the team, customers, products, systems and tools. While all of these are imporant, during times of rapid digital transformation like this, identifying the right tools takes special importance. It requires skill (and usually a lot of time).

The right tool for the right job.

Especially if you are transitioning to a more digital, agile and remote organisation as the collective global business culture shifts more towards working from home, identifying and selecting the right digital tool is critical.

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We have comprehensively researched, carefully studied and deeply curated the best tools your business could use to become a truly digitally transformed, remote organisation.

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🖥️ Collaboration & Productivity (Productivity and Time Management, Project Management, Team Communication)

🛒 Sales (Competition Analysis, Business Intelligence, Sales, User Acquisition, Customer Support)

🎙️ Marketing (Idea Generation / Naming, Product Management, Product-Market Fit, Marketing, Analytics and Tracking)

📐 Design (MVP / Prototyping, Design, UX / UI, QA Testing, Feedback)

🧾 Legal & Financial (Funding, Finance, Legal, Payments, Pitch Deck)

🚲 People & Culture (HR, Leadership, Learning & Skills, Recruitment)

📱 Software (Software Development, Mobile Applications, Zero Code, Devops)

🧲 Content (Content, SEO, Social Media)

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