Landen 2.0

Landen 2.0

Umso, formerly Landen, is a website building platform helping startups and entrepreneurs going live faster by creating and publishing websites. Umso is a website generation tool helping anyone to build and publish websites easily without writing a single code. To create a website on Umsa, you don't need any design skills or experience, you can simply use design templates and a smart layout engine that will fit content automatically. While building a website on Umsa, you won't need any coding skills as well, you can take control of the website and customize everything such as fonts, colours, spacing and many more. The platform offers presets, templates, illustrations, images, videos and icons on-demand to design and customize your website faster. The website built on Umso is capable of fast-load times and high reliability on pageviews. You can use your domain or publish your content to a free Umso domain with SSL, HTTP/2 and Global Delivery Network included. Moreover, Umso offers a set of tools for building traffic, emailing lists and analytics.

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