Axure is a prototype platform helping designers and developers to paint ideas about websites and applications. Axure is a UX tool helping designers to build and develop functional prototypes. It can help you improve the way you design digital products such as applications, software, games and websites. The tool offers unlimited interactiveness to create UX prototypes with combinations of event triggers, conditions, actions and scenarios to be ready for real digital experiences. Axure comes with dynamic contents that help UX designers to create realistic UX prototypes such as working forms, sortable grids and dynamic interfaces. While using Axure, you can use multi-state containers with dynamic panels to make popups, scrollable, swipe-able and mobile screens or you can create working text fields, droplists and radio buttons with a drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, Axure goes beyond just design and offers data-driven interfaces to create tables and grids that can be sorted and filtered dynamically. All these features are provided with a no-code approach and this makes realistic and functional prototyping easier for designers, researchers and developers. You can now visualize interactions and functionality that seem real and get higher quality user feedback as well as improving products faster.

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