Zeplin is a powerful tool that makes collaboration better between designers and developers by creating code-snippets of any design automatically. Zeplin speeds up the process of any design published. Designers uploads finalized designs and developers can publish the designs with the codes automatically generated.

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Our Honest Review of Zeplin

Zeplin creates a shared working space for product teams. Thus, the team can easily create designs, generate specs, assets or access code snippets. It is easier to work with "locked" designs uploaded to the Zeplin.

The favourite feature of the developers is snippets of code. This way, no one has to follow the Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD file. If the design came to Zeplin, you know it's finalized. Only coding remains. But don't worry, Zeplin makes the life of coders much easier by creating automatic codes from designs.

Non-designer friendly, Zeplin is a great platform for product managers and copywriters as well. Another cool feature is the comment feature, where anyone can easily share their opinion on the design. That makes it easier for everyone because you don't need to switch to another platform for design communication.

The Zeplin has some cons as well. For example, while making the developers' work easier, it can be seen as an extra workload for designers. Of course, we should not forget the above-mentioned features, because it can speed up the release of the product or design, especially during remote working periods.

When it comes to pricing, the Zeplin is attractive on the market because Zeplin offers per month - per project pricing. You can start using Zeplin for free right now for up to 1 project with 50 collaborators. This is pleasant pricing that we don't see in every tool. Moreover, even in the free version, it provides application integrations such as Slack, Jira and Trello.

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