Trello is a web-based collaboration tool for project and task management with kanban boards. Its UI makes collaboration easier for teams of any scale. Kanban boards let you handle different projects and tasks at the same time. Or use it as workflow automation with triggers, schedules and deadlines.

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Our Honest Review of Trello

Trello is simple to adapt and use, which is an essential asset for teams looking for collaboration. Anything confusing while using makes teamwork much more difficult, that's something we all know. With drag and drop feature in Trello, so you can assign a task to anyone or change the status of it. We like that Trello keeps things simple. Handling any size of projects is not a troublesome anymore.

Whether you are on a desktop or mobile, you can make a comfortable collaboration as long as connected to the internet. Trello is flexible and beneficial for big projects with large teams as well as a personal project to manage the workloads. However; if you have larger projects, it might limit your work and automation to offer some premium features as any app out there.

Trello offers customizable dashboards which are truly important for saving time. Because most of us are with too many to-dos against very limited time.

With too many good aspects of an app, it's always hard to decide. Trello's free version is excellent if you are looking for something like project planning. But when it comes to project management-like needs, Trello's free version restricts you on such functions as big size attachments, prioritizing and checklists. With the free-plan, you could have performed unlimited boards per team, but they had changed that feature in 2019. Comparing with its alternatives, Trello might seem a little expensive, with a price starting at almost 10$ per month per user.

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