Slack is a messaging platform with channels for better communication and more organized collaboration between teams and businesses of all sizes. Slack is probably the best communication tool. Slack designed for collaboration, offering integrations of 3rd parties like Google Drive, Jira and Zapier.

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Our Honest Review of Slack

Slack is probably the best tool for teams and businesses looking for a better way of collaboration, messaging and communication. Moreover, you can use Slack even with your clients or freelancers you work with. Slack has a nice user interface, easy to use and simple to onboard team members. Slack channels, which creates an easy way of communication, has even filtering conversations and search features.

One of the best positiveness we like to stress is that Slack promotes work-life balance with app settings. You can customize notifications exactly where and when you want to see them. So you can concentrate on what matters to you the most. The platform has a keyword-based notification, sending an alert to you whenever someone discusses a topic you want to follow. Moreover, Slack never sends you alerts on mobile while you are active on the desktop. As long as you are not looking for vice versa.

Slack also has a chat-bot helping you with daily burdens of workloads; for example, it can send you scheduled notifications, and to anyone in the team from you. This feature provides a great way of simple reminders. You can also automate everyday tasks with Slack's chat-bot.

What we have seen as a problem on Slack is likely same as anyone using Slack. Slack's audio and video call don't have a good quality, yet. We always have to go to another platform for those. In these times like the pandemic where collaboration is at stake, Slack is probably doing their best to solve this problem.

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