Sprintly is an agile issue tracking and project management software helping your team collaborate in real-time on every stage of development. Sprintly is a project management tool to encourage developer teams to work more productively and faster. While using Sprintly, you can keep everyone on the team up-to-date. You can see team productivity on the dashboard with different stages of development such as backlog, current, complete and more. You can prioritize tasks and issues to be finished faster. You can see the whole roadmap together with what is happening right now. The tool offers an advanced search with easy user interference to search through tickets and issues. With Sprintly, you will get an estimated achievement time for every project and you can easily see what your team finished and what they are working on. The software offers integration and add-ons with third parties like Slack, Zapier and GitHub to make agile development much faster and smoother.

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