Airtable is a low-code collaboration platform for modern spreadsheets on a cloud-native database with kanban cards, content and workflow management. You can create a database that fits your team. Airtable has simple UI with colours and drag-drop feature between data sets. Visualized data makes collaboration easier within the team and beyond the company.

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Our Honest Review of Airtable

The first word to describe Airtable is flexibility. It is so flexible that you can have the old spreadsheet interface with adjustable features like attachments, kanban cards, or deadline tracking easily. You have the ability and imagination to create anything with Airtable.

You can use it for:

  • CRM

  • Task management

  • Project planning

  • Tracking inventory

  • Content management

  • and any kind of workspace

Because it is up to your creativity, and how you use the templates shared by the company and Airtable's users. Or the one you can create in a few seconds.

Onboarding team members to the platform is effortless because the platform is easy to use with drag and drop between data sets, columns, or tables; and you can customize colours, icons, views, boards and bases the way you want. Besides, you can do almost all of these on the mobile as well.

For personal use or a start-up with only a few members; free features offer many possibilities such as unlimited base, 2GB storage, colours, and 2-week of revision history. However; when it comes to paid plans with subscriptions; we wish Airtable had much more pricing options depending on features. Since Airtable is a rich and flexible platform, it would be better to choose with paid add-ons.

One small con is that since it's stressed as low-code, it would be a great feature to have a formula builder that runs your data instead of excel-like. Though Airtable has many resources and community, it can be hard to make some formulas work.

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