Notion is the all-in-one collaboration platform covering many areas such as wiki, tasks, notes, databases, kanban boards, calendars and reminders. Notion is replacing many tools into one single platform for wikis, tasks, notes, reminders with easy drag-and-drop feature between topics and projects.

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Our Honest Review of Notion

Notion is the only platform where all your business comes together. There are a mobile and desktop application, plus they have almost the same features, even the looks. Thus, you can access the platform where you collect all your work whenever and wherever you want.

Notion doesn't want you to be confused while browsing the tool where you're looking for getting organized and collaboration. It is planned to be organized. That's why it has earned a reputation as a complete all-in-one platform. You do not need to open different tools in many tabs related to the same project. It's excellent for task management and surpasses Jira and Trello with some of its features. Because Notion has wikis, kanban cards, calendars and reminders. Having all these together is the most important benefit for companies working remotely.

However, besides all these likeable features, Notion also has some counteractive sides. Unfortunately, getting Notion ready can take time. Although this is the business itself, it is not likely to benefit from Notion immediately after beginning to use it, probably because it needs several contents. Because it can take a quite long time for the content to enrich and become a resource. (Especially for the wiki feature)

When it comes to the pricing, limited personal use is for free. Moreover, the personal pro plan for students and educators is also free. The starting price for Teams is $ 8 per user per month - if you ask us, it looks fine as it replaces a bunch of tools.

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