Kualitee is cloud-based test management software helping developers to plan, create, execute and maintain test scenarios and cases. Kualitee is a test management and bug tracking tool helping QA and developer teams follow the QA process and create test scenarios to use in different projects and products. With Kualitee, you can handle all requirements, reporting and traceability for your product and application test management. Kualitee offers test case management, defect management, project management with personal dashboards, custom reports and configurable profiles. You can run specific tests based on a device like mobile or web. The test management tool offers easy integration with third parties like Asana, Jira and GitLab for better collaboration and smoother project management. With Kualitee, you can perform multiple complex testing tasks in one place with rich integrations and features like issue tracking and dynamic dashboard.

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Pre-launch, Early Startup, Growing Startup

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