Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform serves as an all-in-one solution for advertising, marketing and analytics to get better results. Google Marketing Platform produces unified insights out of your audiences and allows you to make data-driven decisions with the collaboration of your team. Google Marketing Platform consist of Google tools that you probably already use. And that means you already use the platform without even realising it. If you sign-in to the platform with the same e-mail you use on Analytics, Ads or any other Google tool, you will have a chance to list all products you use in Google Marketing Platform. The platform is open for any size of businesses looking for marketing improvement and analytics.

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Our Honest Review of Google Marketing Platform

Most of the time we use the platform for resources they offer. They have so many resources for marketing related topics about any kind of businesses. In this way, while we use the platform, we keep improving ourselves about the field. 

One great pro of having the all-in-one platform is billing because if you are using different products of Google, this way you won't have to look up them in different places. Another thing is if you are a small business, most of the products are offered for free.

Like almost any Google tool out there, Google Marketing Platform also lacks customer support. If you have something urgent, it's almost impossible to reach Google agents for support related issues. However, this is vice versa if it's sales-related. Like many giant companies who have millions of end-users, this should be taken seriously and be fixed somehow - maybe with better AI chatbots. 

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