Stripe is an online payment solution for small and large companies looking for a simple way to accept payments online. Stripe offers easy integrations with APIs. Whether it's a subscription system, an on-demand marketplace, e-commerce store or a fundraising platform, Stripe can let you accept payments online.

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Our Honest Review of Stripe

When it comes to payment systems, the most important thing is pricing. Stripe does not offer the lowest price in the market. But flat-rate pricing is one of the really good alternatives. Of course, the pricing should be examined together with other features.

While many companies in the market continue with pricing that is burdensome for small businesses, such as cancellation penalties, account setup and periodic maintenance, you will not encounter such fees in Stripe. One of the most important pricing for SMBs is that it offers the pay-as-you-go method.

As for international payment, Stripe is one of the most well-known tools. Stripe is designed for international e-commerce. Of course, not only for international payments but you can use Stripe also for accepting payment with local currency using local payment methods. It is useful to note here, if you plan to accept only payments locally, perhaps the price of Stripe may not be suitable for you.

Normally Paypal is more known by the end consumer, Stripe is the favourite payment processing option of millions of companies because it is known as developer-friendly. In other words, since Stripe is written functionally with developer perspective, it is possible to perform different operations with many integrations, customizations and APIs. If you have some programming knowledge, Stripe may be the best as a customizable payment processor. Although some features of Stripe are referred to as no-code, the resources must be tampered with by someone technical.

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