Spotibo is an SEO tool that offers a free SEO analysis of web pages up to 500 to find hidden search engine issues. By using Spotibo, a free website SEO on-page analysis tool, you can get a complete view of your entire website which helps to find all negative SEO(Search Engine Optimization) aspects of your web pages. It is helpful to analyze on-page ranking factors, irrelevant or missing alternative texts for images, page speed, and mobility. Spotibo can crawl and check pages just as Google, Bing, and any other search engines. It creates a focus on web accessibility for everyone, especially SEO consultants, freelancers, and agencies with SEO specialization. In Spotibo's interface, you can find and fix the issues in title, tags, meta descriptions, internal links, error statuses, incorrect redirects, external links, images with wrong alt texts and duplicate contents. Using Spotibo is simple and fast, it takes only three clicks to evaluate most of the SEO issues.

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