New Relic

New Relic

New Relic is an observability platform helping developers and product teams to build better software faster. New Relic is an AI-powered observability platform helping engineers to create software while monitoring instruments, analysis and troubleshoots. Using New Relic, you can detect changes instantly, cut alert noise and see root cause from multiple data sources. The platform allows you to collect all telemetric data in one single place that you can confidently increase service reliability and save time to publish to the market. New Relic platform offers applied intelligence to detect anomalies, full-stack observability to troubleshoot problems easily and a telemetry data stack to visualise and alert. Using New Relic, your engineer team will have comprehensive visibility across the software stack in one single place and can discover problems quickly by seeing the root cause. New Relic allows engineers, developers and teams to build better software together by providing everything in one place.

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Pre-launch, Early Startup, Growing Startup, Scaleup, Maturity

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