Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository helping developers to collaborate while coding, testing and deploying together. Bitbucket is not just a Git code management platform, but also helping teams and developers to plan projects and collaborate on coding, testing and deployment. The platform is free to use for small teams under 5 and offers unlimited private repositories. Being an Atlassian product, Bitbucket offers easy and great integration with Jira and Trello, allowing you to keep your projects coordinated and organized through Jira issues and Trello cards. With Bitbucket, you can build, test and deploy with integrated continuous integration(CI) and continuous development(CD). Bitbucket can make you benefit from configurations as a code and provides faster feedback circles. Bitbucket provides a comprehensive place for code collaboration to build software with code reviews. Teams using Bitbucket can deploy with integrated built-in CI/CD and can secure their workflow.

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