Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a Google plugin that offers you to have comprehensive keyword research and data-driven content guidelines. Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google results. It is a comparative keyword tool and a search volume checker for related keywords, similar keywords, visibility, and backlinks correlation. With Keyword Surfer’s optimization, you can increase both the content quality and your opportunities for high rankings. After you write your content, you can generate a productive strategy in a few clicks with ease. Lots of copywriters, content strategists, SEO agencies, freelancers, and bloggers develop their content with Keyword Surfer thanks to its content marketing strategy through generating guidelines and insights. Its guidelines are based on top-performing pages and it offers ideal options on word count for your content, keywords to use on your website, and article composition.

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