Dubb 2.0

Dubb 2.0

Dubb is a video sales and marketing platform that supports creating actionable videos to get more engagement, bookings, and sales. Dubb is a video communication platform that understands the customer needs and provides a service to share, host, and track video for all formats. It is an all-in-one video sales and marketing service that offers video creation for customizable video messages and video email campaigns. You can create videos from all channels such as screen, webcam, or phone and share them easily to engage your prospects and increase your revenue. You can share your videos on your favorite channels and provide multiple calls to action. Dubb helps to grow your business by developing your one-to-one communication. While changing the text culture to video messages, Dubb supplies you the coaching and integration support. Also, you can gain access to your entire team's production and performance.

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