Canva is the graphic design platform for marketers and content creators who want to create social media posts, presentations and posters easily. Canva makes creating design easier by offering ready to use design assets and templates. You can easily customize and edit any templates or create one your own.

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Our Honest Review of Canva

Canva is an amazing tool to create any kind of graphics, whether they will be used digitally or printed. It is very easy to get used to even if you don't know anything about designing images. You can start creating your brand design with a few editing.

Canva is probably the best design tool that was developed for marketing and social media professionals. Thanks to Canva, anyone can easily and quickly create their designs. Its user experience is smooth, and the user interface is easy to learn. You have thousands of stock images, illustrations, templates, graphic designs, GIFs, videos, sounds - all in one place - and so many of them are for free. 

Any templates and asset are extremely customizable. And this creates a unique identity for any design you create and you can easily edit or adjust the designs as you wish.

There is one small con that sometimes we can assume a design on the internet if it was created in Canva. Because some good templates are limited in the free version. So when people use it, they probably don't edit the design that much that's why we can easily realise that it was created in Canva. Our suggestion is to edit the design as much as you can if you want to be seen as professional. So people won't see similar designs on the internet. Since the premium plan offers a variety of templates and assets, we guess that won't be a problem while using premium.

Another small con is that even though Canva offers two different apps for mobile, it's kinda difficult to use it on mobile because of the screen size.

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