CircleCI is a modern CI/CD platform helping developers to build, test and deploy software. CircleCI is a continuous integration(CI) and continuous development(CD) platform encouraging software teams to work smarter and faster. CircleCI offers automation for the development process with CI in a cloud or personal infrastructure. Using CircleCI, your team can build faster and shorten the feedback loops. You can either run everything in the cloud with the self-hosted option or install it on the server with private infrastructure. The platform offers flexibility and control with speed and customized pipelines. Using CircleCI, you can boost your team's performance while building, testing and deploying, and have complete control over customized orchestration. CircleCI provides workflows for job orchestration, Docker support, CPU/RAM configuration, language-agnostic support, caching, security and insights dashboards. Your team can build anything on CircleCI and you can save time with comprehensive CI/CD machines.

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