DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature software for any size of companies, which helps send, sign, and collect documents easily using mobile or desktop. You can quickly sign any electronic agreement and send it to the recipient with a few clicks. They also offer contract management with analytics.

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Our Honest Review of Docusign

With DocuSign, which has led the market in 2003 with its innovative ideas and software in the electronic signature, we are curious about the number of trees saved.

It was troublesome for businesses to send the contracts for signature, follow-up, file and manage. But DocuSign can help you eliminate all this hassle. Moreover, DocuSign has made this process incredibly easy. Not only for electronic signature, but also file approval and refusal, signing dozens of pages at once, and even getting paid for the relevant contract. We advise you to check the legal pages of payment-related features for your area.

All of these processes need to be safe, and we think DocuSign has done this very well. Until this time, they have not given any security-related deficiencies and they consider security as one of their most important criteria.

When you first start, it may seem a bit complicated to find your way around, especially for desktop users. You may be confused about some templates, but its support library is rich and has a good community. The mobile application, on the other hand, highlights the most important features, allowing you to move easily between steps. You can easily scan any document, send it for signature or sign it, and send it to anyone you want or store it in the cloud.

Prices starting from $10 per month for personal use seem attractive at first glance, but it is a pity that they have limited to only 5 documents. The first price in the upper category is $25 per month.

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