Power bi - Microsoft

Power bi - Microsoft

Power BI is a business analytics tool that visualizes complex data with dashboards to give business insights and drive results. With Power BI by Microsoft, you can allow anyone to make confident decisions with the data-driven culture of business intelligence - whatever your business size is.

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Our Honest Review of Power bi - Microsoft

We know it's very difficult to drive results and action from complex data, especially in the time that almost any tool collects data everywhere. 

But thanks to Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence platform, even non-technical professionals can analyse, visualise and share data easily. We think Microsoft Power BI is the leader of visualizations. The platform's user interface is very similar for users familiar with Excel. Since it's Microsoft product, it offers a variety of integration with other Microsoft products, making it very easy to start and implement to your workflow. 

We like how it assists you to manage your data and to have clear, organized, relevant and properly connected data insights. Besides, the visual catalogue and dashboard provide a wide perspective of your business. Simply, it takes your numerical data from spreadsheets and excels into a beautifully designed dashboard. Power BI is easy enough for a non-developer to implement and turn bulk data into an actionable story. In this respect, marketing professionals love this tool. 

Even though Power BI is preferred by mostly non-technical professionals, it's a deep platform that you can use for many aspects of the businesses. The platform is capable of so many things, up to your imagination. We had challenges in the beginning when we started using it to set all the settings we wanted to have our data ready. However; for creating one your own or choosing a variety of visualizations, Power BI honestly can't be defeated, yet.

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